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2017 - ABC Lateline package on feathertail glider research at Taronga Zoo - "Scientists uncover secret language of Australia's smallest marsupials"

2016 - The Conversation Australia - "Why do elephants bellow but whales squeak like a mouse?"


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2018 - Outstanding Evolution and Ecology (Postgraduate) Researcher, UNSW 

2017 - Australian Mammal Society Student Travel Grant

2017 - Animal Behaviour Society Graduate Student Travel Award

2017 - Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Student Paper, UNSW

2016 - Postgraduate Council of University of New South Wales Outstanding Student Award

2016 - Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation Presentation Award

2016 - Evolution and Ecology Research Centre Postgraduate Grant, UNSW

2015 - Australian Mammal Society Student Travel Grant

2015 - Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Presentation, UNSW

2014-2017 - Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship

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