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Wins and farewells

It was a bitter sweet day on Friday. We said farewell to our friend and colleague Alicia after 5 years as she returned to Chile to start her career as an Antarctic marine mammal researcher - how cool is that!?! She will be dearly missed in our lab but we are so happy for her.

Our lab group farewelling our friend and colleague

We also had our centre's award ceremony for 2017 to kick off the new year of seminar series. Our illustrious leader received the supervisor of the year award, and what a well deserved award it was! But that wasn't the only title to be awarded to our lab... I was also awarded the huge honour of Postgraduate Researcher of the Year!

Me with my certificate at the 2017 award ceremony

That award is given for a postgraduate student who has shown an all-round effort representing the school and our centre. I guess all those conferences and tv appearances paid off :) There are any number of postgrads in our centre who deserve this award (we have so much talent and are well represented in every aspect of academia) so it is that much more of an honour to be awarded this prize.

Who knows what this year will hold...

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